Want to use Social Ads for your business?

 To acquire qualified traffic on your website, there is not only natural referencing or paid referencing: there are also Social Ads!

Social networks, and in particular advertising on social networks, or Social Ads, can be excellent traffic levers that should not be overlooked when deploying your web marketing strategy.

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Social Ads have two major advantages:

  • The targeting options offered by social platforms are particularly interesting

  • Advertising on social networks is more economical than advertising on search engines

Of course, advertising on social networks cannot replace Google and other Bing Ads: the expectations and needs of Internet users on social networks are not the same as when they use search engines! They should therefore be considered as additional sources of traffic.

And among these traffic sources, here are three particularly interesting ones to start a Social Ads strategy: Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Facebook Ads: the most effective Social Ads solution

The power of Facebook ads is well established: whatever your sector of activity, whether you are in B2B or B2C, Facebook Ads will allow you to acquire qualified traffic on your website, but also to optimize your conversion rate.

With 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide, and 37 million in France alone, Facebook has such deep knowledge of them that it can offer brands the best targeting options available today. on the market.

The fact, in particular, of being able to target specific centers of interest makes it possible to show its advertisements only to the people most likely to interact with them because they have shown, over the course of their publications, a particular interest in your theme.

In addition, Facebook allows, thanks to its "Conversion Pixel", to track visits to your website and constitute them as a specific audience for your advertising campaigns: an excellent way to optimize the gains of its Google Ads campaigns!

And that's just a tiny sample of what Facebook Ads can do for your business: if there was only one Social Ads solution to deploy in your business, choose Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn Ads: driving traffic in a B2B environment

Even if the targeting options offered by LinkedIn's advertising solutions are far from equaling those offered by Facebook, Lin

kedIn Ads are particularly interesting to be deployed in a B2B environment.

The great advantage of LinkedIn is that it is a particularly interesting professional network to exploit: indeed, thanks to LinkedIn, you theoretically have the possibility of connecting to any decision-maker in any company, provided, of course, , that it has an active profile.

What is the point of advertising on LinkedIn? Simply offer specific content to specific targets:

  • Sectors of activity

  • business functions

  • Geographical locations

  • specific companies

  • Etc.

Thus, advertising on LinkedIn is the best way to promote your offers to the people most likely to buy them.

Pinterest Ads: An advertising solution on social networks not to be overlooked!

Even if this solution is little known, advertising on the Pinterest social network is also an excellent vector of traffic and conversion for your website, including in B2B.

As we said before, Pinterest is a social network dedicated to inspiration, but the sources of inspiration available there go far beyond just B2C! You will find on Pinterest, for example, and specifically in B2B:

  • Infographics

  • white papers

  • Videos

  • Etc

By publishing content with high added value on this network, and by sponsoring your publications with Pinterest advertising tools, you will obtain extremely qualified traffic on your website.

Pinterest Ads are therefore a particularly qualitative advertising solution.


Excellent vectors of traffic, but also of conversion, Social Ads are the perfect complement for your natural referencing strategy , but also for paid referencing , provided, of course, that the content offered is excellent quality content!


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