Electronic archiving: advantages and disadvantages

 We all face digital archiving today.

Ninety percent of original documents are produced electronically and 80% of communication goes through digital channels around the world. The transition from paper archiving to electronic archiving is a necessary reality. The advantages of digital archiving and digitization are manifold, but it also imposes constraints.


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The benefits of archiving digital documents are very real for companies:

  • space saving: for example, a 1 terabyte SSD drive contains information from a 43,000 square meter archive room.
  • time savings: thanks to the savings in the time spent searching, sorting and / or destroying documents. For this purpose an archive management software is essential.
  • reducing the costs associated with the use of paper: such as printing or sending invoices, contracts and receipts.
  • it limits the risks of information destruction caused by fire or water damage.
  • it facilitates document handling and information sharing. Indeed, digital data is accessible from a terminal wherever you are.
  • it secures access to archives: access to data is controlled, traced and therefore more secure.
  • information can be reproduced on various media, screens, projectors and even printed if necessary.

Ecological and economical electronic archiving reduces the number of constraints related to the management of paper, files and documents. It simplifies, secures and makes information management more efficient without compromising data integrity.

However, opting for a document dematerialization strategy involves certain restrictive measures.


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Once the documents have been scanned, it is essential to set up an electronic document management (EDM) solution. A computerized process for organizing and managing information and documents within the company.

Electronic archiving imposes discipline and vigilance:

  • Staff must be supported, supervised and trained to integrate this new document management organization.
  • Better to use high-performance and flexible equipment. This implies a cost to purchase as well as maintenance costs.
  • Storage of digital archives should be done in a clean and well ventilated environment. This precaution helps prevent damage to the physical media on which the data is stored.
  • Data security via an electronic archiving system preventing any modification or deletion of a secure document. The SAE makes it possible to meet a legal archiving obligation and guarantees the security and integrity of your documents. As well as good conservation over time. It responds, of course, to the practical requirements of operation.
  • The security of the company's computer network to protect against cyber attacks and prevent the theft, modification or destruction of data.


Calling on digital archiving professionals not only guarantees consistent, simple and efficient archiving. But also to control costs while optimizing the performance of the dematerialization strategy.

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