How to make your website profitable

 You've decided to make the leap to digital , your website is created and you're starting to get exposure! That's great! However, are you making money with your website? Do you feel that your efforts are sufficiently rewarded? If you want to further monetize your website, this article is for you! Here are 8 proven strategies to make your site profitable.

1. Sell its products or services


If you have a website, you certainly have something to offer your visitors, be it consulting services, blog posts, clothing, software and much more! You've decided to turn your passion into income by creating a website and marketing your offering. So, to make money with your website, the first strategy is to sell your products or your services!

Do you sell products?

First of all, make sure you get a satisfactory return:

– Favor small products for lower delivery costs or offer in-store collection for larger products;

– Validate the demand for your product with Google Trends (to see the popularity of keywords related to your product);

– Offer added value in the face of your competition: put yourself in the buyer's shoes and try to find the element that will make him lean towards your product rather than another!

Now that you are sure that selling your product on the Web will be profitable, create your own online store !

Today, Shopify and WooCommerce are the two most popular platforms on the market and will allow you to create an online store easily and quickly!

Psst! Don't forget to offer complementary products that are less expensive than your featured product! This will allow you to fill the shopping carts of your visitors 😃.

Do you offer services?

You can sell coaching sessions and virtual training sessions . It's a great way to make money through your website, simply and efficiently! As for videoconferencing tools, we suggest Google Meet , Microsoft Teams or Zoom ! If you want to do pre-recorded lectures, Wistia is the tool for you!

2. Offer complementary products


Your main product or service is not offered via the Web? No problem! This is particularly the case for several service companies (massage therapy services, hairdressing services, dental services, fitness centers, etc.).

So how do you generate money with your website? You make money by offering complementary products and selling them directly on your website!

It can be digital products, like a paid e-book, online training, home workout, etc.

As for complementary physical products, I am thinking in particular of promotional products (frisbee, relaxing balls, coffee cups, etc.) and service-themed products (toothbrush, massage oil, shampoo, book, etc.) .

3. Optimize the SEO of your site on Google


You probably know it, but the content of a website is just as important if not more than its container ! It is the content that allows you to increase your natural (and non-paying) visibility on search engines.

First, an optimal natural referencing is characterized by a good keyword strategy . The more frequent and trending the keywords you choose are on your website, the more likely you are to be at the top of Google's proposition list (when an individual enters a query, for example).

SEMrush 's Keyword Magic Tool and AnswerThePublic are some of my favorite tools for finding great keyword ideas. They are paid, but you can do 3 free topic searches per day😃. Google Trend can also be very handy for knowing the search volume of certain words (plus it's free)! Once the keywords are chosen, sprinkle them all over your website!

Second, make sure you have good readability. To do this, favor concise sentences, add titles and subtitles and opt for short paragraphs! I invite you to read this fabulous article by SEMRush, which presents 15 practices to optimize your content .

Finally, the presence of internal links (which lead to a page on your website) and external links (which lead outside your website) are very useful for good SEO.

Note that SEO is a practice that provides excellent results over the long term (6 to 12 months). Start as soon as possible!

4. Participate in an affiliate program


You might be wondering what affiliate marketing is. It is, in a few words, a chain of sale which consists in selling a product of another company on your Web site and vice-versa. When a visitor clicks on the link of the company with which you are affiliated and who proceeds to a sale, yes to an appointment, you will receive a commission

Affiliate marketing is very useful, especially when you are not selling products or services on your website. This allows you to touch a considerable sum and use the visibility of your platform for monetary purposes.

Obviously, the products or services promoted should align with your website content and should be interesting to your audience.

Does it interest you? There are affiliate programs like Hostinger and Amazon Associate or affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate . If you already have a company in mind, you can contact them directly or visit their website! Some companies already offer affiliate programs (like the Leadfox affiliate program 😉)

5. Create sponsored content


Like the affiliate program, sponsored content allows you to monetize your website by providing specific visibility to a company . However, the affiliate program makes money on an ongoing and performance-based basis, whereas sponsored content is a more time-based opportunity. This strategy is also used very frequently by bloggers and influencers! If you have a blog on your website, you can include businesses you like in your next post and charge them a fee for the visibility you give them!

The nice thing about sponsored content is that you agree for an amount BEFORE the article is published. The number of views, clicks and sales generated does not affect the amount (unlike affiliate marketing). 

6. Offer premium content


I LOVE this strategy, and I think you will too! It consists of creating a membership program and offering exclusive paid content to your visitors. Olivier Lambert does it with La Tranchée . The marketing expert shares several blog articles with you for free, but you must have an account to unlock other content, such as certain training courses. This is also the case with several media, such as the newspaper Le Devoir , which only lets you read the beginning of an article for free. 

You will have understood it: you must somehow tease your visitors with free content. This allows you to showcase your expertise! Once hooked, visitors will be attracted by your exclusive content offer (it must be said that curiosity plays a big part in it😉).

Attention! There are a few rules you need to follow before offering a membership program to your visitors. You must already be recognized as an expert in your field and you must be diligent and consistent in your posting of exclusive content. Your participants must see great added value!

7. Collect visitor information


We have finally arrived at the strategy which, in my opinion, yields the most results for the little effort invested ! Once you have achieved good visibility on your website, you need to maximize the resulting sales! 

Beware, I am sharing a scary statistic with you… hold on tight!

97% of your visitors leave your website without interacting with you and without making a sale or setting up an appointment! 97% !!! It's huge! At the same time, it makes sense!

Who among you buys from a website on the first visit, without looking at the competition and without thinking about it for a few hours or even days? 

Most visitors are not yet there in their decision-making process, and that's normal! What you can do as a business is be on their minds when they feel ready. To do this, you must collect their information from their first visit to your site.

How? With a pop-up, a form or a capture page ! If you manage to get your hands on the piece of content that exactly answers your visitor's problem, you've won!

You can offer them an ebook, a free consultation, a product sample, a checklist , a newsletter, a discount… In short, the possibilities are numerous and they are all presented in our article of the 49 easy-to-copy marketing offers . That said, I still want to show you some examples of ridiculously high converting Leadfox pop-ups! Here is our top 4😉:


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