The company's business strategy


The commercial strategy is the implementation of coordinated marketing and sales resources that will allow you to win new customers… and therefore boost sales.

It impacts the marketing mix , that is to say the price, communication, distribution, product, customer relationship. It is therefore defined before them. In this article, we will lay the theoretical foundations of the company's business development strategy, before giving some practical examples.


Summary :

  • What is a business strategy?

  • Commercial strategy techniques: from prospecting to crowdfunding

  • Marketing strategy in practice

  • Additional resources

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What is business strategy?


As specified above, the business strategy designates the means that you implement to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself.

In fact, you cannot define a commercial strategy without having defined the foundation of your future business: the business model . And this cannot be decided without an analysis of the context , of the market, of your vision of the company . Indeed, the implementation of a commercial strategy requires:

  • good targeting ;

  • a regular analysis of competitors ;

  • a well-defined business model , based on a real entrepreneurial strategy .

To set up a business strategy, it is necessary for any entrepreneur to go through four stages:


1- Define your objectives with a duration

For example, set a goal of 1,000 customers the month you start the business. Note that this goal is SMART: you can measure it and it is likely to be easily adapted depending on the circumstances.


2- Define the action plan of your commercial strategy

This is obviously the most important part of the job, since it designates the actions to be implemented, the resources and the planning. Depending on the objectives and their term (short, medium, long term), this action plan may impact the price of your offer, communication, distribution, customer relations or even the range of your products.

For example, if you set an important quantitative goal for the launch of your product, maybe you will decide to lower the selling price with an exceptional promotion and a massive communication action on social networks with your target.

If you set a mid-term goal of increasing the market share by 30%, maybe you will decide to set up a second distribution channel (store and online sales)


3- Set up the monitoring tools for your actions: monitoring indicators

Monitoring indicators are essential to measure your results. These can be indicators on the turnover achieved, on the number of customers, on the number of people who test your solution, visit your site or download your white paper, etc ... depending on the services or products that you sell.


4- Analyze the feedback to adjust your action plan.

Finally, to set up your commercial strategy, you must analyze all the information in your possession:

  • the general strategy of the company;

  • your vision;

  • market research;

  • the means and resources that the company can activate to carry out its commercial strategy;

  • your goals.


Analyzing this information should help you answer the essential question: what is the most effective way to gain customers? Here are several methods we suggest for you.



Commercial strategy techniques: from prospecting to crowdfunding



In some cases, the best way to get customers is through direct prospecting, which involves using direct contacts to identify new potential customers and turn them into actual customers. In general, prospecting takes three forms:

  • Telephone prospecting : you contact people / companies who have the profile of your target to offer them your services / products.

  • Prospecting by e-mailing : same method as telephone prospecting but by e-mail.

  • Physical prospecting : you come into direct contact with people (trade fair, door-to-door)

Not all companies use this technique, it's up to you to see if it is suitable for your business, your goals, your customers. But, if you go, it means preparing for each interview and having well-crafted sales pitches.

If you use this method, you can combine it with others: communication, prescribing, networking



This subject is discussed in detail in the next chapter.


Networking - Prescription - Partnerships

Depending on your business, being part of networks to find clients or influencers can be a good idea, depending on your business.

Likewise, creating win-win partnerships with another actor (complementary to your business, for example) is often effective.

It takes organization to identify the right networks and time to attend the activities of the chosen networks, but can be very effective and profitable in the medium term.


Trade fairs, forums, exhibitions

Again, it all depends on your activity, but it is an opportunity to meet a lot of prospects and to collect contacts in a minimum of time. Warning: most salons sometimes require a large budget that you must plan.


The sample - The demonstration

If you can, have your prospects test your products, or give demonstrations. This will popularize your products or services and, if you convince the panel of testers, turn them into recommenders / ambassadors.


The purchase of files for emailing or direct contact

If it makes sense for your business, you can purchase corporate or personal files. Note it: CCIs offer this business file sales service.


The ephemeral store

More and more new brands are opening ephemeral stores, also called pop-up stores. It can also help to be visible and popularize your solution.



Increasingly, crowdfunding (finding money from the "crowd") is becoming as much a tool for financing as it is for marketing. Indeed, the people who participate in the financing of your project find out. They are likely to receive a gift from you and talk about your business.


... Other techniques exist or have to be invented!



Marketing strategy in practice


To help you in setting up your sales and marketing strategy, you can use the table below:




Actions to be taken

Resources needed


Monitoring indicator

















Also, if you are prospecting, don't forget to create a customer file to track the prospects you contact and the feedback you get.

If you have an individual clientele, it is also useful to have a customer file to list their purchases and thus clearly identify their needs.



Additional resources


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