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SEO is a term that can have different meanings in marketing and business.

Historically, the term referencing mainly designated the fact for an industrialist to have a product included in the assortment of one or more points of sale, most often with a referencing procedure with a referencing center of a brand. large distribution. For this meaning, refer to referencing with the distribution .

This type of referencing also concerns the B to B activity. It may be necessary to be referenced with a purchasing department in order to be able to provide a product or a service to a company. We can also talk about referencing with prescribers. A training organization can, for example, be referenced with a collecting organization.

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The development of the Internet has also given a new marketing meaning to the term SEO. For a website, this is the issue of appearing in a favorable position in the natural results of search engines. We then speak of natural referencing or SEO .

In web marketing, acronyms are legion and it is not SEO that stands in the way. Moreover, among professionals as among advertisers, many mix between SEO, SEA, SEM and SMO. And yet, they are complementary for a common goal: the referencing of a website.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

SEM represents all web marketing techniques to improve the referencing of your website and / or mobile application, whether social, natural or paid. It brings together the 3 following techniques.


SEO: Search Engine Optimization

A full part of SEM, SEO corresponds to the natural referencing of the website. The objective is to make a website appear naturally in the first results of the desired search engine, in general, Google. Search Engine Optimization according to Google is the result of an algorithm comprising hundreds of criteria. However, some stand out more than others: the content relevant, optimized and regular links from other websites pointing to the targeted website and optimizing the website through HTML tags (Hn, alt , title, name of the images,…).

Since April 21, 2015, Google favors, on requests made from a smartphone, websites being Responsive Web Design.

SEA: Search Engine Advertising

SEA is better known under the name of "paid referencing". We prefer to talk about sponsored links like the service of the American giant: Google Adwords. Since March 2016, Google has removed the column of sponsored links corresponding to results 4 to 10. Today, only 3 or even 4 paid results appear above the natural results (SEO).

The Google Adwords system works through CPC (cost per click) auctions and a virtuous circle between the ad, the keyword and the landing page.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMO or optimization of social networks brings together different techniques to increase the visibility of a website on social networks and in SEO.

Of course, it all starts with creating pages on major social networks. Do not neglect Google + and Youtube which belong to the Google search engine.

For SEO, the optimization of Facebook, Twitter, Google + or even Pinterest tags and the addition of a sharing system on each page of its website allows better sharing of information on the social networks mentioned above.

Very shared posts will be highlighted on social media and therefore indexed more easily by search engines. A real boost for natural referencing. Other techniques such as blogger relationships or forums should be watched.

In summary, SEM = SEO + SEA + SMO, that is to say, SEO is made up of 3 large families: natural, sponsored and social media. Only Social Media can have an impact on SEO. On the other hand, the fact of doing SEA or Google Adwords has no interest in increasing its natural referencing but they are very complementary on a global web marketing strategy.

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