How do I get a free download link?


If you want to upload a file to a server and then distribute it to other people, this is called offering direct download.

The problem is that you need a fast server to host your file(s).

rediafile direct links system

Once your document has been uploaded, you automatically retrieve the link to this file, which you can then distribute.

Rediafile Classic cloud hosting

File hosting comes in different categories. The most popular is cloud hosting, 

where you use Rediafile Free unlimited cloud storage services. These services are geared more towards personal storage and file sharing with:

  • friends

  • family members

  • work colleagues

  • the corporate team

Rediafile was born from a simple observation: Many file sharing sites follow your activities, consult your files and share your data with everyone. RediaFile started from the premise that you had to respect your anonymity.

In exchange, you agree with them not to download harmful software. All files uploaded to their site are scanned for viruses.

In the same spirit, the download speed of your direct download will not be limited either upstream or downstream, nor will the amount of bandwidth you use.

Last point: the service is completely free

Create Direct Rediafile Download Links

The instructions are simple: just drag and drop a file into the download box, or click on the box to select a file to download.

Uploaded files will be kept as long as possible. Rediafile does not delete any downloaded files.

Only the user can therefore delete a file once he has downloaded it.

How to create a direct download link Fils

  • To upload to Rediafile, drop a file in the "Drag and drop" box on the homepage

  • You can also click in the box to choose a file to upload manually

  • Once the file is downloaded, click on the URL to open the download window in another tab

  • Click on the "Click to download" button

  • Copy the link to get the direct download link.

  • Make a direct download link of a file on Rediafiel

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