Installation of optical fiber in companies: what are the guarantees?

 The deployment of optical fiber is today an ideal solution that guarantees access to a very high speed connection in business. The advantages linked to the installation of this telecommunications medium allow companies in particular to gain in productivity and competitiveness. Discover below the advantages of installing fiber optic in business.

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Optical fiber for optimum connection speed

The main advantage of installing fiber optics is the availability of higher connection speeds . Depending on the Internet access providers, the connection speed of an optical fiber varies between 100 megabits and 80,000 megabits per second. Thanks to this speed it offers, companies can notably perform many tasks simultaneously without the slightest slowing down of the connection.
Thus, the installation and connection of optical fiber are extremely practical in SMEs and large companies where the use of the Internet is omnipresent. If you want to benefit from such a speed in order to better satisfy your customers by gaining efficiency, turn to a company capable of providing you with an irreproachable quality of service. From installation to maintenance, including any repairs, such a company will help you complete your project.
Thanks to optical fiber , you can now download high definition videos or large files in a very short period of time. The connection speed provided by optical fiber also offers you the possibility of interconnecting your company's sites and organizing video conferences in real time. In addition to these advantages, it should be noted that even in homes, optical fiber provides the necessary speed for a large number of daily uses: streaming, video games, TV in 4K or HD, etc.
Optical fiber: the guarantee of a secure network adapted to your needs
In addition to access to a high-speed connection, optical fiber also offers an additional layer of security for enterprise data. With the installation of this telecommunications medium, you can save your digital data in a data center for optimal security. Optical fiber has the particularity of being insensitive to electromagnetic waves. The cables of this support are not subject to interference produced by other communication networks.
In terms of cost, the installation of optical fiber represents an economic advantage for companies. By securing your data via cloud computing using optical fiber, you avoid the costs associated with installing and updating software or servers that would have been dedicated to this storage. Although copper fiber is less expensive, you can reap the benefits of fiber optic in the long run. In addition to being easy to maintain, optical fiber requires less network hardware and is inexpensive to maintain.

Increase productivity with optical fiber
The very high speed connection with optical fiber allows companies to face the competition and gain in productivity. Thanks to this network cable solution, you can dematerialize your business tasks and benefit from considerable time savings.
With a very high speed connection , boosting your business can be effective immediately. For example, you can organize web conferences or online work meetings to train your employees remotely. Optical fiber also allows companies to benefit from a real communication tool with unparalleled performance. It is suitable for teleworking activities since it allows you to stay in touch with your employees and customers.

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