free tools to send large files over the internet


Do you need to send a large file to your contacts but it is too large to be sent by e-mail?

Do not panic: there are many solutions to send large files over the internet for free .

Here are the best  that we have selected: you are spoiled for choice to send your attachments too heavy.

Need to send large files over the Internet that cannot be sent by email? Use a transfer service: some platforms offer this function for free and without registration.

How do I send large files to correspondents over the Internet? By large, we mean files or folders weighing tens or hundreds of megabytes or even several gigabytes, which is the case when you want to share collections of high definition photos, videos, music or large work documents whether with friends, family, colleagues or clients.

What are the solutions for sending large files over the Internet?   

The first idea that comes to mind – and which should be eliminated immediately! – is the email. And for good reason ! Because if this simple and practical technique makes it possible to put files as attachments in a message, it comes up against a limit that we reach very quickly: the size. Indeed, all e-mail systems impose a maximum "weight" for all attachments. Up to 10 MB, no problem: the message will arrive at its destination with the "attached" files. Beyond that, it is very variable. because even if some couriers accept attachments totaling 20 or 40 MB, this is not the case for all, and there is no guarantee that the recipients will actually receive the files sent... 

Another widely used solution is sharing via the cloud. As soon as we have a storage system online – such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, DropBox and others – we can grant access to third parties to allow them to pick up files from a shared folder. But, without even mentioning the management that this solution imposes, not everyone has online storage and some users are not comfortable with this technique. Also, shared files can take up valuable space for other folders. Confidentiality can also be problematic, for example when you do not want to use a personal storage space for professional purposes. In practice, this method is especially interesting for regularly sharing files with friends or colleagues – especially for business documents constantly evolving work.

Rediafile - Your smart cloud manager

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How to Get Unlimited Free Online Storage in Cloud

Easily Files Upload,You can select and upload hundreds or even thousands of files at once. Send, receive with your friends, family, coworkers or anyone on every file. Very easy to share with a simple link

Step 1: Log in. From your Manager file page, click the “UPLOAD” button in the header. 

Step 2: Click “From Computer” to choose files from your computer. (Need web uploads? 

Step 3: Choose the files or folders you want to upload from your computer and then click ‘Open’ to add the files to the uploader.

 Your files will now upload. Like magic. Make sure you keep your browser tab open until the upload is complete.

Your files are now uploaded into your Rediafile account, where you can share and organize them. How? We’ll get into that tomorrow!


The solution is to share via the readfile cloud.

Whether you have an account or not, we may grant access to third parties to enable them to retrieve files from a shared folder.

 In practice, Readfile is particularly useful for regularly sharing files with friends or colleagues - especially for constantly changing business documents.



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