Best Unlimited Cloud Storage Online: Top 5 Cloud Providers in 2022


With photos easily reaching 10 MB on the latest smartphones, the need for cloud storage space is growing day by day. While it is possible to store photos and videos on the storage space of your device (or on an external hard drive), more and more people are opting for online storage. The latter is also known as the “Cloud”.

Why is online storage so attractive? What is the best online storage provider in 2022? We will try to enlighten you on these points during this article by presenting 5 service providers who have caught our attention.

Best online storage services (in 2022):

  • pCloud.

  • kDrive.

  • Google Drive.

  • OneDrive.

  • Dropbox.

  • Mega.

  • Box.

  • Apple iCloud.

  • Rediafile

Ranking of the 5 best online storage services

There are a lot of providers who offer an online storage offer. Dropbox, pCloud, kDrive, Mega, hubiC, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, Sync, Amazon Cloud… Here, our goal is not to present each of the offers, but to present the 4 best cloud storages in our comparison . We have tested them all to keep only the elite.

The offers that we are going to present to you below are all available in a free version so that you can test and compare them for yourself. You can then freely subscribe to a paid offer if you want more flexibility. You can cancel it at any time.

Note that the online storage tools below meet the following criteria :

  • Unlimited storage

  • A free offer (from 3 GB TO 15 GB)

  • Good transfer speeds

  • Synchronization across devices

  • Reliable and secure online storage

  • Computer, tablet and mobile compatibility

  • Quick and easy sharing features

  • Paid offers with at least 2 TB of storage

Without further ado, discover our comparison of the best cloud storage of 2022

1) Rediafile : unlimited storage free and lifetime offers

Rediafile is one of best cloud storage which offers good security and easy to use interface with high upload and download performance. It gives users the possibility to intimately share lines or flyers or simply to share with others,

At Rediafile, the data backup experience is straightforward and people are passionate about online repositories. Whether the recipient is looking to participate in a huge or simple account, Rediafile makes it easy.

Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on the Rediafile site.

Upload, share and manage your files for free.

 Fast download.

Easily share your files.

Safe and secure.

There are several file storage providers that offer a free plan for those who support the minimum of their service.

 Buyers should look for several features in file storage vendors including collaboration, usability, and security.

Rediafile is one of the full featured file repository providers.

List of cloud storage service providers


1) pCloud: 10 GB free and lifetime offers

The best online storage right now is none other than pCloud. Much less known than the big names in cloud storage, this provider was founded in 2013 and has grown at an impressive speed thanks to a quality offer.

pCloud combines both excellent speeds and state-of-the-art security so that your uploaded files are never in danger. Their offer was further improved a few months ago with the addition of data centers (servers) in Europe, and no longer just in the United States.

This change further strengthens our opinion on pCloud and really justifies its position as the best online storage in our 2022 comparison. Thanks to its servers in Europe, pCloud manages to offer even better speeds to download and upload your files even faster. It must be admitted that 3 years ago, the major criticism that could still be leveled at the supplier was its slowness. Now it's just a bad memory and you can easily upload and download your files.

If pCloud is our favorite online storage service in 2022, it's also because it offers a complete free offer that includes all of its key features. With 10 GB without a time limit, you can fully test its service and judge for yourself. Cleverly, pCloud allows you to automatically import files from other Cloud services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to name just two.

Once convinced and if you need more storage space, its lifetime offers are very attractive. For only €350 (to be paid in one go) you will have 2 TB of online storage for life (99 years) . Annual or monthly offers are also available but, in our opinion, they are less attractive.

pCloud Pricing

Indeed, the very principle of online storage is to store files (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.) over the long term. You might as well commit directly over a very long period rather than paying annually for 20 years. In any case, a 10-day guarantee is available if you want to obtain a refund following your purchase.

2) kDrive: up to 106 TB of storage and a free offer

kDrive is a very nice discovery and it is also the second best cloud provider of 2022. This young cloud service only dates from 2020 but it is efficient and very successful. For information, it was developed by the renowned web host Infomaniak .

kDrive offers a powerful and secure online storage service. The data transferred to its servers is encrypted and saved in its datacenters in Switzerland. Exit US data laws (Cloud Act, Patriot Act, etc.). Here, the service provider is governed by much more protective Swiss legislation in terms of user privacy. Another significant advantage, kDrive is GDPR compliant. Thus, you will be able to modify or delete your personal information on simple request.

Thanks to its geographical proximity (located in Europe) and the quality of its data centers, data transfers are very fast as well as the speed of access to information from your cloud. If you have a good base rate, navigation on the drive is optimal.

If kDrive is one of the best cloud services, it's because it stands out from the rest thanks to its many features. In addition to automatic synchronization between all your devices, you can also share documents, photos and videos in a few clicks by generating a link. If needed, you can set a password and add an expiration date. Recipients do not need a kDrive account to access files.

In addition, it is possible to create a drop box so that your contacts can deposit large files in this space which is connected to your cloud. For more information on sharing features, feel free to read our kDrive review .

The advantage of kDrive is its platform which offers a workspace suitable for collaboration between several users. Indeed, it provides an office suite accessible from the drive allowing you to create a text document (Word type), a spreadsheet (like Excel) and a presentation (like Power Point). What is all the more interesting is that you can directly edit it gently online and share it with other users so that they can also edit it.


© kDrive

Besides that, kDrive prices are very affordable which is a good surprise considering all the options included in the cloud. The 2 TB offer costs only €59.88 per year, or €4.99 per month and the 6 TB offer is €239.76 per year, knowing that the storage can be increased up to 106 TB and shared between several members. If you want to save more, you can do so by committing to 2 or 3 years. Note that the subscription to premium Solo, Team or Pro subscriptions are refundable within 30 days.

A free plan of 3 GB with no time limit and no commitment is also available to start with the tool.



3) Google Drive: 15 GB free, annual offers (from €20 / year)

World famous, Google Drive fully deserves its second position in our ranking of the best online storage in 2022. With a free offer of 15 GB, it allows anyone to try its service without obligation and without time limit. All you need is a Google, Youtube, Gmail or other account to access Google Drive and access your files online.

Google Drive's interface isn't our favorite, but it makes storing and sharing files fairly easy with relatives or friends. You have already had to use this service when you were working together on a Google Doc or Sheet with colleagues in the office. In this regard, be aware that if other Drive users share documents to which you have access, this does not count against your 15 GB quota: only the files stored on your space will be counted.

Be careful, your emails on your Gmail account can very quickly take up space, especially if you have large attached files. Remember to delete them regularly to free up unused space. You can easily sort your emails by size to see which ones are the biggest.

Why is Google Drive not (in our opinion) the best online storage service? In addition to less advanced security than pCloud, we can criticize its rather high pricing when you switch to a premium subscription. Indeed, it goes without saying that you will not stay for years with 15 GB of storage. As soon as you put your photos on the Cloud, your space will quickly fill up.

When the time comes to switch to a paid offer, we are quickly cooled by the prices of Google “One” – yes, when you pay, you go from “Drive” to “One”. For 2 TB of storage, you will have to pay 100€ per year. Compared to €350 for the 99-year formula at pCloud or €59.88 per year at kDrive, there is really no comparison.

Google Drive price

© Lemon squeezer

Apart from this high price, Google Drive remains an excellent online storage service that we can only recommend if the pCloud and kDrive offers have not convinced you.

4) OneDrive: 5 GB free, annual offers (from €24 / year)

In this comparison of the best online storage services, we also wanted to introduce you to Microsoft's OneDrive, which caught our attention. This provider offers a free 5 GB offer which allows you to quickly immerse yourself in the service and know whether or not it will satisfy you.

In comparison with competitors, we can immediately highlight the interface which (to our taste) is less pleasant. We see right away that this service is really dedicated (in the first place) to Windows users with a “Windows-friendly” interface. If you have always been used to Windows, then you will be able to appreciate the user experience, but we were unsettled when we first got started.

With the free offer, you will unfortunately be quite limited in terms of functionality, something that we find a bit of a shame since it does not necessarily make users want to go for the premium offer. For comparison, pCloud provides access to all features, even with the free plan. The same goes for Google Drive (with a few rare exceptions).

Like the other online storage providers in our comparison, OneDrive offers paid plans that will allow you to store more and unlock more features.

Their most relevant offer is the Microsoft 365 Family which, in addition to offering 6 TB of storage, includes Office Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint software. If you need additional proof that OneDrive is developed by Microsoft, you are served! This subscription will cost you 99€ / year, a price which remains very reasonable for 6 TB of storage to share.

You will find a good comparison of OneDrive online storage offers on their official website via the link below:

Onedrive price

© Lemon squeezer

Why is online storage so attractive?

Online storage has many advantages. Above all, it allows you to secure your files by saving them on an external server, belonging to a third-party company (the cloud provider you have chosen). By doing this, you protect yourself against the loss of your device, the sudden death of your hard drive, or the accidental deletion of files (photos, videos, documents, music) from your device.

The best online storage providers offer copies of your documents on multiple servers in various locations. So even if a server were to die unexpectedly, there would always be backups.

Cloud storage is also very attractive because it allows documents to be synchronized between different devices. For example, the photos you take on your smartphone can be uploaded directly to the cloud, and thus be automatically accessible on your computer and other devices that have access to your online storage service. Simple and practical, this option is appreciated by its users.

If the best online storage failed to emerge as an obvious solution a few years ago, the situation has evolved. Indeed, with the notable increase in speeds (upload/download), the “slowness” boundary has been removed. Today, a good online storage service will put multi-GB files online in just a few seconds.

Obviously, this requires a quality internet connection, but this is becoming more and more frequent with fiber becoming more popular... or 4G (or even 5G since the end of 2020) on compatible mobile devices. In short, online storage is fast, secure, and allows you to keep lots of files that, without this additional storage space, would have ended up in the trash.

What criteria for the best online storage?

In order to develop this comparison of the best cloud storage in 2022, we based ourselves on many selection criteria. We have selected the 4 suppliers who are, in our view, those who best meet these different elements.

To give you a better understanding of our ranking, here are the different aspects scrutinized to find the best online storage.

transfer speed

As we told you above, the transfer speed is what will make your experience successful or awful, with your online storage service. Before committing to any offer, no matter how good, make sure your connection is good. We consider that it takes at least 100Mb/s in upload and download for an online storage offer to be worth it. Below that speed, favor HDD, although obviously the benefits aren't as great as cloud storage.

Once this criterion (of basic connection) has been validated, you have to find a fast online storage service, which offers good speeds, both in upload and download. This criterion is, in our opinion, the most important, in particular with the regular increase in the size of the files (parallel to the increase in their quality).

With the best online storage in our comparison, pCloud, you can achieve excellent speeds. We really recommend servers in Europe which set the bar even higher than those in the US. With our 200Mb/s upload connection, we manage to upload large files at more than 85Mb/s. Quickly put your files online to secure them and access them from anywhere.

Online file security

Transferring your files online quickly is all well and good, but it is not very useful if the files are not secure. Security is a criterion that we really took very seriously in the development of this online storage comparison.

Indeed, the files must be encrypted and, more importantly, be copied to several servers. Again, pCloud sets the bar very high with 256-bit AES encryption, and optional client-side encryption with Crypto. This option will cost you €125 for life but may be worth it for those who really have sensitive data to protect. Please note, by activating this feature, only you will have the decryption key and the cloud editor will not be able to help you if you forget your password.

In terms of the number of copies, at pCloud, your files are saved in copy on three servers in three different locations. If a data center catches fire, your data will not disappear. It's a triple security that's worth it. kDrive is not outdone by performing backups on three media in two datacenters to reduce the risk of loss.

Ease of use

Not everyone is a computer whiz, and that's in no way objectionable. The best online storage services have understood this and offer solutions that are very easy to handle. Although OneDrive is not (in our opinion) the most intuitive to use, it remains very pleasant, especially for people who are used to the Windows environment. In this regard, be aware that on the latest Windows computers that you buy, OneDrive will already be pre-installed and ready to use.

In any case, the free offers are there to allow you to discover these services and judge for yourself the simplicity (or not) of using our favorite online storage spaces for your photos, videos, documents, files and others.


A reliable online storage service isn't just for putting your files on the cloud. Indeed, there are many other features that can be offered that can set a provider apart from its big rival.

The two best online storage services in our comparison are full of features, especially in terms of sharing and collaboration with other members. Note also the possibility of finding files deleted for a period of up to 120 days at kDrive. This function is extremely important to us and is also available from the other players in the ranking.

The office suite integrated with kDrive and Google Drive are real assets for being able to work online with others and save time.

If these features are not enough for you, we can also talk about the possibility of automatically downloading all the photos present on your Facebook and Instagram account so that you never lose them.

To this is also added the possibility, at pCloud and kDrive, of directly migrating documents, photos and videos present on other clouds, such as Dropbox, Google Drive ,Rediafile and many others.

To discover the many features of our favorite cloud storage in 2022, we invite you to visit their official website:

Computer, tablet and phone compatibility

The best online cloud storage services must be compatible on all devices and allow the user to easily interact between them. At this level, we can particularly criticize iCloud whose operation has really been designed for Apple users, forgetting the millions of Android and Windows users around the world.

The 5 best providers in our cloud services comparison are compatible on computers, tablets or mobiles, whether you use iOS or Android. A special mention for Google Drive, which, unsurprisingly, still favors Android users a little more than those of the Apple brand.

At Rediafile  pCloud and kDrive, for example, you will find applications for your computer as well as for your tablet or smartphone. Also, it obviously has an online access where you will find your files and can generate your sharing links to allow other people to share their files with you.

Customer Support

Customer support is a criterion of choice in the selection of an online storage service. Only kDrive offers online chat and phone service. The other cloud services in this ranking are still very responsive when you contact them via their form or by email.

Although you will certainly not have to contact them, knowing that they remain available to assist you is very important and we have taken this criterion into account in the development of our comparison of the best online storage.

The choice of storage space

Not everyone has the same storage needs. It is for this reason that we highly value publishers who offer a variety of storage spaces. If you only have the choice between 10 GB or 5000 GB, it's rather average because you will quickly be limited.

All the players in our online storage comparison offer different spaces, ranging from 3 GB for the free versions up to 106 TB with the premium kDrive plan which is expandable.unlimited storage with rediafile could plan


Conclusion: Rediafile , the best online storage in 2022 closely followed by kDrive

If you want the best online storage of the year, go with Rediafile. In addition to having an excellent offer valid for life for free with 2 TB of storage space, it offers excellent transfer speeds and a very good level of security.

You can test it without any risk thanks to its free offer which gives you access to almost all its features. 

If you need more storage space and collaborate online on text documents, spreadsheets or presentations, you should go to kDrive instead. Indeed, it offers an expandable space that can go up to 106 TB, the possibility of sharing an account between several users and it integrates an office suite.

In addition, all its paid plans are under warranty for 30 days. And if you don't want to take out your bank card, you can subscribe without risk to its free offer without obligation.

Cloud Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the quick answers to your most common questions about online storage.

Is my online data secure?

By opting for one of the best online storage services, your data will be perfectly secure. In addition to being encrypted, they are copied to several servers to overcome any vulnerability on a server. Therefore, your data will be much more secure on a quality cloud than on your hard drive, internal or external.

What transfer speed can I get?

The transfer speed (upload) will depend on two criteria. The first is the maximum speed of your internet connection. It seems logical that a 1Gbps connection will have higher transfer speed potential than a basic 100Mbps connection. Then comes the quality of the online storage service and its data centers. Our favorite cloud, Rediafile, provides excellent speeds that can exceed 20Mbps.

Is it possible to have free online storage?

The 5 providers in our comparison of the best clouds all offer a free trial solution. You will be able to try them without risk but with a limitation on the number of GB of storage. However, it is unlimited in time which gives you all the time you need to discover their service before switching or not to a premium subscription.

What devices can I use them on?

You will have applications for smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet, PC (macOS, Windows and Linux) so that you can manage your files anywhere and simply synchronize them on all your devices. By opting for the best online storage, you will benefit from powerful applications on all your devices.

Where can I save my documents online?

The best solution to save your files, documents, or photos online is the Cloud storage offered by Rediafile . The latter makes every effort to offer you an economical solution, guaranteeing the security of your documents, and giving you access at any time and from any device, to all of your data. Rediafile will also give you the possibility of very simply sharing documents with your friends, your family, or even colleagues. 



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