Business outlook for 2022: Global business leaders are optimistic

 NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / - More than 80% of business leaders in 44 industries around the world believe economic growth will remain strong in 2022, although a high level of uncertainty is present, according to a new poll from YPO .

The YPO global survey, which was conducted from November 18 to December 5 among 1,700 business leaders in 101 countries, produced the following key findings:

  • The situation is improving for many companies in terms of revenue growth and hiring of staff.

    • Of those polled, 37% said their revenue had increased by 20% or more since the start of 2021 , and only 17% said it had decreased by 10% or more during that same period. .

    • Hiring has picked up again ; 38% of respondents with a 10% or more increase in the number of employees since the start of 2021, although 45% of business leaders say their total workforce is roughly the same as at the start of 2021. year and 16% rather observed a decrease in it.

  • Most business leaders (71%) say they are very or somewhat concerned about the impact inflation will have on their business next year. US leaders (77%) are more worried about inflation than their global counterparts.

    • Concerns about inflation could spell bad news for consumers , as respondents from the food and beverage (74%), manufacturing (73%), and retail and wholesale sectors ( 62%) plan to increase their prices in response to inflation.

  • There does not appear to be an immediate solution to supply chain issues , with only 2% of those surveyed believing they will be resolved by early 2022. Thirty-nine percent of respondents believe the issues will be resolved early in 2022. end of 2022, and 38% of them expect it to be in 2023 or later.

  • The global labor shortage continues  : 67% of respondents say it is quite or very difficult to find employees for the general workforce, and 57% of respondents report the same level of difficulty with respect to the hiring of senior and senior executives.

  • Even though only 1% of executives surveyed believe their employees are more productive at home, 74% of business leaders said some form of flexible working will become permanent.

  • As the pressures linked to the pandemic are having negative effects, some companies are improving their mental health services:  35% of them report having invested in one way or another in the mental health of their employees while 16% of them plan to do so.

  • As 2022 approaches, YPO members said all business leaders should focus on the following:

    • Improve employee engagement, work culture and retention

    • Explore different cash flows or protect existing cash flows

    • Prepare for inflation

    • Plan for supply chain issues

    • Understand the changing needs of customers

YPO Global Survey Methodology:

The Global Survey was conducted by YPO from November 18 to December 5, 2021 using an online questionnaire. In total, 1,700 YPO members from 101 different countries responded to the survey . The sampling error margin is plus or minus 2.3 percentage points with a 95% confidence level.

About YPO

YPO is the global community of leaders bringing together 30,000 business leaders from 142 countries around a common belief that the world needs better leaders. To learn more, visit .

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