Managing comments on your website requires special attention. Good moderation reduces the spam that is there. But it is also an essential way to animate a community. So what are the rules for properly managing these comments?

The share of comments in an article

It should be understood that among the community of readers of a site, nearly 90% read and 9% make comments. only 1% comment on a regular basis. It is therefore necessary to clearly distinguish the commentators from his community in general. And even among the most assiduous, a minority intervenes several times in a day. Thus, the readers will have the impression to see several pseudonyms often participating in the discussion.

Which moderation method to choose?

The first method is done before publication, namely “a priori”. It is favored by classic media websites. It is sometimes entrusted to external service providers whose mission is to verify the legality of the comments and the courtesy of their author. In some cases, this process is provided by the author of the articles, which is ideal for involving the editorial staff in exchanges with its readers. The other advantage, when a user asks a question, the author himself can answer it.

Moreover, we also find "a posteriori" which takes place after publication of the comment. It is mandatory that everyone registers beforehand by creating an account. Some sites even require you to identify yourself under your real name to ensure serious discussions. Site moderation is carried out by the author himself, which is a sign of the involvement of the editorial staff.

The basic rules for moderating your community

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The authors must intervene in time to prevent the debates from quickly turning into slippages. If they react, they bring the tension down a notch and above all show Internet users that the web is also a public space where you can't make just any words. Do not forget to put a little humor in your exchanges. It can lighten the mood. Do not put yourself in the shoes of another character, respect your personality, your way of discussing or defending your work. If you make mistakes, admit them straight up.

How to react to trolls?

If the moderator does not have enough humility, it will always be seen and this will be badly perceived by bloggers. But that doesn't stop you from defending your opinions. By honestly doing your job of moderating publications on participatory sites , respecting the principle of the contradictory, you will not be blamed for anything. As for the trolls, they should not be fed systematically. They are anonymous commentators who seek only to spoil the debate in the middle of the discussion. Whether they are lecturers, insulting or aggressive, do not argue, otherwise you will fall into their nets.

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