What are the advantages of digital archiving?

 Since the beginning of the 21st century, digital tools and applications have been used more and more. While they occupy a considerable place in our daily lives, digital tools are also very present in business. All businesses have digital information. To manage documents, companies often use electronic document capture and management software.

1- What is digital archiving?

2- The advantages of digital archiving

3- can you really scan everything?

 4- Setting up the paperless office

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What is digital archiving?

Although they manage documents electronically, companies continue to store their archives in a dedicated room or in offices. Businesses believe their documents are safe in their archive room.

Digital archiving is the process of storing and maintaining documents electronically in a cloud. It aims to reduce archival stocks and paper printing.

 Documents are more secure. In the event of a burglary, flood or fire, papers are not at risk of being stolen, damaged or destroyed.

 A digital archiving solution requires several characteristics, which can discourage companies: Converting paper files into electronic files (scan and import) Indexing and classifying electronic files Managing the retention period and the provision of documents Managing the digital safe (what are the conditions for accessing documents?) 

The advantages of digital archiving 

The implementation of these processes can sometimes be long and tedious. Yet digital archiving is a paid expense that speeds up the work process. 

All documents are easily accessible by all those with access. 

Digital archiving frees up space on company premises.

 Digital archiving also helps to preserve the environment, by reducing printed sheets.

 Having a paperless office speeds up your work process because all your documents are easily and effortlessly accessible. 

Plus, the office both saves space previously designated for storing files and saves money on postage. 

Archiving your documents digitally is also a green alternative to printing endless sheets of paper, which will have a positive impact on your business as a whole. 

Digital Archiving: Can You Really Digitize Everything?

 From contracts to invoices, purchase orders and delivery forms, all documents can be easily archived. Thanks to an electronic document management solution, papers can be scanned and then indexed quickly, avoiding the development of piles of paper on employee desks. Thanks to digital archiving, bureaucratic tasks are reduced. Employees can take extra time to devote to their work.

Setting Up the Paperless Office 

Getting rid of all the paper in a business is not something that can be done overnight. 

There are various additional costs associated with purchasing electronic document management software.

 If you plan to make the switch, you should make sure that you have the following resources available: 

Storage and server capacity: 

Whatever type of storage medium you choose, make sure you have space first. sufficient storage for all your current and future documents. 

These should all be saved in the database of a local server, which should also provide enough space for all Scanner documents: it is essential that your scanner has a sufficient spectrum of functions. When selecting your scanning device, consider the advantages of a high speed device that can produce high quality images. 

It should also be ensured that your scanner can handle different formats and thicknesses of paper, if necessary EDM software (electronic document management): it is recommended to use EDM software to manage the transition to digital archiving . These allow you to classify and organize scanned documents very quickly. If you follow these steps, you will soon be enjoying the benefits of digital archiving.

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