Marketing is the set of actions



Set of techniques and actions that participate in the marketing of a product or a service. See also Advice Folder.

Marketing is defined as a set of actions carried out on a product. This product can be tangible or intangible (idea, services, etc.). Its objective is to market it on the market under optimal conditions in order to meet the needs of demand. Concretely, it is all the steps taken by the marketer in order to encourage consumers to buy or adopt the products of the producers.

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What is Marketing?

1- Marketing brings together the many steps, techniques and strategies that lead a consumer to buy a product. It goes through various areas: distribution, customer relations, market research, communication, etc. Also, it determines the needs of the market or target customers. Overall, it is an essential business management process and a sought-after act of sale (product adapted to customer wishes, perfect timing, etc.) that can counter competition and satisfy in terms of profitability two interdependent entities: the consumer. and the producer.

2- Marketing is a term of American origin coming from the word market, that is to say market, the meeting place of supply and demand.

According to the Academy of Commercial Sciences, marketing "is the way of conceiving and carrying out all the activities having as their object the creation and adaptation of products and services, the commercial strategy, the implementation of the means necessary for the application of this strategy, according to the recognized or anticipated needs of the consumer and the structures of the market. The application of the principles of marketing implies that decisions relating to the above activities take demand into consideration rather than supply. "

Multiple definitions of marketing have been given. For Philip KOTLER, author of a book entitled Marketing Management, marketing is "a human activity oriented towards the satisfaction of needs and desires by means of exchange".

This definition, he believes, offers the advantage of "inserting marketing into the logic of nature and human behavior". For him, in fact, the starting point of the study of marketing is constituted by the needs and desires of the human being. Then come, and correlatively, the products ("A product is an entity capable of satisfying a desire"), which are directly linked to the existence of these needs and desires. Through the services provided by the products, the consumer will choose according to the greatest value he will attribute to one of them ...


The concept of market

In marketing, the term market refers to a group of consumers or organizations interested in a product. According to the laws and rules in force, this group has the necessary resources and is free to acquire a product. The notion of market generally begins with the entire population and is gradually restricted according to the degree of involvement (potential market, target market, etc.)

The key elements of marketing

The key elements of marketing focus on the marketing orientations of the company. The latter intervene in three essential branches:


  • Analysis of the current context with the marketing audit: market analysis and segmentation, marketing strategies

  • Market information with market research: analysis of the quality / quantity ratio, consumer opinions

  • Negotiations pushing the consumer to buy with the Marketing mix: the exploitation of the product, the price, the place of sale, and the promotion.          

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