How to earn money on the internet without spending it?

 Earning money on your computer attracts a lot of people these days. Like everyone else, scammers are also interested in this phenomenon. Some people become suspicious when asked to pay in order to make money. Are you looking for a way to make money without spending it on the internet? Discover our proposals.

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Sell ​​micro-services

Now everything can be sold on the internet. If you have exceptional competence in a particular industry, you can offer it on the web. This solution allows you to work at your own pace. Making money on a one-off or regular basis is entirely up to you. Among these micro services, there is writing, translation, transcription, logo creation and remote computer maintenance. The list is long.

Some people even offer to teach online to supplement their end of the month. You have to live up to what you offer, however. Otherwise, you will have a hard time selling your micro service.

Become a freelance

It is even the most popular status by everyone today. Whether you are an accountant, secretary, developer, graphic designer, trainer, etc. you can do freelancing. This allows you to earn money on the internet, without paying anything.

Its concept is similar to micro services, however, the missions are longer. Freelancers must also maintain their customer relationship. If you are competent and know how to maintain a good relationship with your customers, making money on the internet will be easy for you.

Some freelancers integrate networking platforms to quickly find clients. Most often, their access is chargeable.


It is also one of the most popular ways to make money without investing a dime. Your only job is to promote another brand's product. Every time a customer buys it from your link, you earn a commission.

This option, however, requires the use of a blog or social networks. You also need to be an ace to get others to click on your link. You have to be careful though, because affiliate links are not just for everyone to share. You have to play with subtlety to get people to create a need for your posts.

Publish a book online

Do you like to write? What if you publish your book on the internet? It's a great way to earn money from your artwork. If you publish it on an international platform, you will have an easier time selling it. The scope of your book is much broader. Your catchment area even becomes the whole world.

You are also not limited on the subject. The important thing is to choose one that interests Internet users. You will also have a great option regarding the type of book. Between the novels, the practical guides, the non-fiction, the collection, etc. you are truly free. On a platform like Amazon, you don't need a publishing house.

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