I. Definition

Networking or even networking is a method which consists in creating or strengthening a network of long-term relationships, for the exchange of knowledge, services or even passions between professionals.

Networking is the process by which the entrepreneur develops his contacts and relationships in order to increase his activity, improve his knowledge, extend his sphere of influence or serve his community.

Networking precisely means "creation of a network". Indeed a networker is a person who creates a network, by working on the one hand on social networks but also "live". The goal is to get in touch with a person, identify their needs and respond to them.

II. The goal of networking, why is it essential?

  • Find a job or develop your business

  • Expand your network of contacts

  • Find clients

  • Recruit new employees

  • Identify future suppliers

  • Contact influencers

III. Advice for a good start to networking

o The pitch when you introduce yourself to someone. It must be short, surprising and captivating while indicating who you are, what you offer… (Beginning of the relationship)

  • Join a network of old examples: alumni network, former colleague…

  • Join a professional association

  • Calibrate your profile by paying attention to the words you use

  • Maintain your address book, there is no point in getting in touch with too many people if you do not know how to stay in contact with the first arrivals. (Events are an opportunity to maintain your address book)

  • Attend an event with the client such as a sporting or cultural event

  • Organize an event, for example on your company's booth during trade fairs.

  • Do not think of 'networker', if the term seems formal, consider replacing it with "relationship creation". Think about your closest friends, how did you get to know them. It's networking!

IV. Pitfalls to Avoid 

  1. - During meetings, be careful not to be too pushy with potential prospects, for example by speaking in a pedantic manner.

  2. - Also avoid sending an e-mail to the personal address as much as possible. It may seem intrusive

  3. - Limit risks by measuring publications, because information being public it becomes vulnerable.

  4. - Collect business cards to do nothing with them.

  5. V. Figures

  6. - 66% of executives believe that a professional network is essential for a successful career.

  7. - Young people under 30 are even more convinced of the usefulness of having a network: 86% consider it essential for a career.

  8. - Only 15% of executives have a well-constructed networking approach

VI. Bibliography 

  • - Succeeding through word of mouth: 52 strategies for effective networking

  • - LinkedIn the practical guide to boost your professional life

  • -Never eat alone.

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