The role of the father and mother in the education of children


There are many things in life that hardly affect us, while others, such as the birth of a child, have a lasting and lasting effect on us. For a couple, life will never be the same again. Although very small, the newborn will certainly make itself heard and manifest its presence in the home. At every age, at every moment, young people need us to teach them how to grow, build and evolve...

The role of parents

This event, which should make the life of parents richer and happier, however, represents a challenge which, to be accomplished, requires the cooperation of father and mother. Just as it took two of you to father your child, so each of you will play a vital role in its development, from birth.

It will be very helpful for you to fully understand your respective roles and how they should fit together to ensure that your child receives everything he or she needs to thrive. You have to find the right balance. Thus, the father must exercise his authority, but if he abuses it he becomes tyrannical. On the other hand, if it is appropriate that the mother participate in the education and discipline of the children, it is not right that she assume this task alone, by refusing the cooperation of the father, because it would then undermine the family structure.

The crucial role of the mother

The newborn is entirely dependent on its mother for her immediate needs. If she provides it with love, he will feel secure. The child who does not feel loved becomes worried. When a child is deprived of affection for a period of time, their emotional development can be permanently disrupted.

Although another person can replace her, it is undoubtedly to the mother that the child turns the most for hugs but also comforting, cuddly words and words. Mother is the temple of affection. It is also the one that most often reigns over the organization of the home.

The capital role of the father

It is normal for the mother's role to be predominant in the child's life at first. But the father must also be part of the child's universe from birth. Over time, its role should gradually become more important. Waiting too long can be the cause of problems, especially during adolescence when it becomes more difficult to discipline children.

Through his masculine qualities - strength, complicity, authority - the father makes a very important contribution to the development of his child. To the warmth, tenderness and compassion shown by the mother, the father will add reasonable authority thereby exerting a balancing influence in the home and becoming a strong benchmark and role model.

The sharing of authority between mother and father

They must agree on the essential points to be respected by the child, that there be the same prohibitions with both parents, the same law for children, so that the child can find them. The punishment must fall immediately and he must know that the law is always the law, whether with his father or his mother.

If unity, trust and happiness do not reign in a family, the child's education will suffer. It is often in broken homes, in those where communication no longer exists, where there is no love, where order and discipline are lacking, that suffering and its corollaries germinate. school failure and delinquency.

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