How much does an e-commerce site cost in 2021? Prices and prices of an e-commerce site!

 According to Live Stats, almost 2 billion sites are online worldwide. You might as well say that the competition is tough! 

To allow you to attract as many customers as possible while standing out from your main rivals, your site must have an attractive and ergonomic design, contain keywords, no spelling mistakes and an intuitive catalog. Calling on an agency, finding a suitable professional, contacting software specializing in ecommerce management ... Finding the right e-commerce solution for your project and your business is often a long and difficult job.

Of course, designing a website with these different elements cannot be improvised, but they are nevertheless essential to the success of your online store and your business project. As proof: 57% of Internet users do not recommend a company with a poorly designed website design.

So how do you find the ideal quality-price ratio for your online store creation project? Here are some elements that will allow you to see more clearly on the prices of design of e-commerce sites.

How to create an e-commerce website?

The solutions available

Several solutions will "be offered" to you: if you decide to go through the support of a freelance web designer, the bill may be steep. To have a domain name, find secure hosting, build the structure of the site, the design, the payment tunnel, to find the necessary banking partners or even the delivery solutions adapted to your target, all this work and this technique have many costs.

Many e-merchants took the measure of managing an ecommerce and wanted to modify their site after facing many bugs that only their freelance designer had the solution for. In addition, as soon as an update is established at one of the service providers, the maintenance of the online store must then evolve, which still involves additional costs.

Saas or Open Source? Subscription or direct expense? Personalized support and training or school of life? We decipher for you the solutions available according to your needs!

What are the differences between Open Source and SaaS?

First of all, know that there are two solutions for creating an online store: Open Source and SaaS.

These two different means offer various technical services, maintenance, costs, software, which will allow you to have a merchant site with functionalities to offer online payment.

What really sets them apart?

Open Source solutions are free software, often developed by communities of developers. With them, the owner of the online store has access to all the back-office features of his site.

He can therefore administer and manage it in great detail, while fully personalizing it, from the home page to the end of the customer purchase journey. Note, however, that free Open Source solutions come with a whole bunch of modules and additional paid features that improve the customization of each site and get as close as possible to your needs.

So what's the downside to Open Source? In reality, this model implies that you have a good knowledge of development.

If, in theory, you don't need anyone to create your platform, you will first need a solid knowledge of web design and code in particular!

If you decide to create your own online sales site in Open Source, it means that you will have to take care of the updates of your pages or their HTML coding yourself… Not easy when you are new to the subject. and that the budget is limited!

Most of the time, this work is done by a freelance professional or specialized agencies, who will be able to create quotes, act on maintenance, and follow your platform as your adventure progresses. In theory, because the practice is often accompanied by a lack of availability on the part of the agency or the freelance ...

This is precisely why there are SaaS solutions, short for Software As A Service. These technical modules are accessible directly from an Internet browser to easily follow the management of your online store, without having to go through a professional.

With them, there is no need to upload your files for hosting on a server. Everything is done very simply, online, through a creative website. You can therefore follow the maintenance of your e-commerce and manage the evolution of your work yourself.

It is therefore an excellent solution for beginners and traders wishing to take care of their commercial activity as a priority.

SaaS solutions have evolved greatly and now offer very advanced features and very customizable and attractive designs. Maintenance, domain name, technique, customer management ... Everything is included!

In exchange for paying a subscription, the SaaS platforms take care of all the technical constraints for you!

What is the average price of a website?

Now that you know how to distinguish an open source e-commerce site and a SaaS online sales site, let's get to the heart of the matter and discuss the pricing issue together.

Quote and price for web creation: what budget to open an Open Source online store?

When it comes to creating an Open Source website, the price can be very variable. Many parameters are taken into account!

First of all, it depends on what development skills you have. If you are able to create your own open source site and maintain it yourself, you will save a lot of money.

On the other hand, if this is not the case, you will have to call on an external service provider. However, in this area, prices can quickly drop from simple to triple, or even more.

The price of freelance services generally starts around € 2,000. On the other hand, for this amount, you should not expect a particularly personalized site with very advanced features.

Against this sum, the provider will probably be content to buy a theme (called "template" in computer jargon), and personalize it by adding a few small functions or by making slight alterations.

To get your site live, you must also pay for hosting your site. Depending on the traffic you generate, hosting can quickly become expensive.

As soon as you are looking to integrate more features into your site, the prices can quickly skyrocket.

To give you an idea:

Freelancers generally charge a price of between € 2,000 and € 20,000 to design an e-commerce site.

Specialized agencies, on the other hand, charge a little more. Their range is between 4,000 and 50,000 €. Depending on the complexity of the site, some can even go up to € 200,000.

Rest assured: a simple site with a payment solution does not systematically climb to these high levels.

If, on the other hand, you want to develop a site where customers can access their own space, track their orders or view their purchase history, the bill suddenly becomes steeper!

In short, the price of an open-source e-commerce site will cost you:

€ 2,000 to € 200,000 for creation

€ 600 to € 3,600 / year for hosting

€ 500 to € 2,000 / year to install updates

200 € to 500 € / year to add additional modules

How much does it cost to create a website with a SaaS solution?

Regarding SaaS e-commerce solutions, the prices charged work very differently.

These online shopping site creation platforms follow a model that includes the payment of a monthly subscription.

On average, their services do not exceed € 500 per year, unless you decide to opt for a more complete Premium offer.

Moreover, again, it can be an option to consider to differentiate yourself from your competitors and promote the growth of your turnover more quickly when you generate a significant number of sales. Don't skimp on the means. A few hundred euros invested can quickly pay off and your success may depend on it!

Beyond the monthly subscription, SaaS platforms also take a percentage of the turnover made by online stores. These costs are therefore added to the initial monthly payment and it is important to take them into account to calculate the price of your e-commerce site as accurately as possible.

Very often, the percentage of commissions charged varies depending on the turnover of your store. It is declining. In other words, the more you sell, the lower the percentage of commissions.

If we take the example of WiziShop. The basic rate with commitment is 27 euros / month excluding tax with transaction fees of 2%. There is also a formula at 77 euros / month HT with 1% transaction fees and finally another at 297 euros / month HT with 0.5%.

In these formulas, all the tools and functionalities that allow you to sell online are accessible at no additional cost: Hosting, template, maintenance, site security, support, business coach, e-commerce training, automatic reminders of abandoned carts, filters to facet, etc.

In summary, the price of a SaaS e-commerce site like WiziShop will cost you

27 euros / month with commitment + 2% commission

And that's all !

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